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Ned Scott always sought the finest photographic papers for his personal prints. These prints were ones he made himself in the same time-frame in which he created his negatives. Since he never printed his images for the market, those prints he did make were for himself or for his friends. Beginning with his early Camera Club days, Ned used papers from the Platinotype Company located on High Street, London, England. These papers were infused with a platinum gel which enabled the printer to create the highest quality prints in the world. Platinum prints, as they were called, never faded or lost their lustrous appeal over time. Ned's earliest known use of platinum papers occurred in 1931 when he printed images from his Ranchos Iglesia file. Throughout the decade of the '30's, Ned used these papers for his favorite images. Obtaining the papers was difficult as well as expensive, but with the help of friends who traveled in those days, he was able to find what he needed. Ned saved several receipts from his purchase transactions in 1937 along with correspondence with the proprietor of the Platinotype Company, Charles Robinson.

Receipt from the Platinotype Co for paper purchased in June, 1937.
The grade was noted as W.J.B., which refers to Warm Japine Black
and was specially coated according to Ned Scott's instructions.

Equipment List