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Photos of Jimmy Stewart

These photos of Jimmy Stewart were taken by Ned Scott for the film "Pot O Gold" in 1941.  Stewart starred with Paulette Goddard.  Ned Scott produced some of the best gag shots during his Hollywood career while working this film.  Later in life, Ned Scott referred to Jimmy Stewart as one of the finest men he worked with in Hollywood. 

Jimmy Stewart, born James Maitland Stewart in May 20, 1908 in Indiana, Pennsylvania, was an American stage and film actor. Nominated for five Academy Awards, he made several films that are now considered classics throughout his career. He was a top MGM contract artist, a World War II and Vietnam War veteran and a United States Air Force Reserve Brigadier General.

He went to the Mercersberg Academy and was active in track, football, art, the glee club, the John Marshall Literary Society an the choir club. He first worked as a brickloader for a construction company, painted lines on road constructions and as a magicianís assistant. His role as Buquet in the play The Wolves was his first stage appearance.

Stewart appeared in a total of 92 films and television shows. His movies The Philadelphia Story, Rear Window, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Vertigo and Itís a Wonderful Life are on the American Film Instituteís list of 100 greatest American films.

Stewartís was eager to serve during war because of his familyís military roots. Having had an early interest in flying, he became a military flyer accumulating more than 400 hours of flying time.

After the war, Stewart invested in Southwest Airways and Leland Hayward as he thought of concentrating on the aviation business in case his comeback to his movie carrier didnít work out.

He was married to his wife, former model Gloria Hatrick McLean, until her death in 1994.

Stewart was a philanthropist and raised millions of dollars through the Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon Race. The beneficiary was the Child and Family Development Center in St. Johnís Health Center in Santa Monica, California.

Stewart was a Republican. He campaigned for Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Bob Dole and Bob Graham in 1996.

His last film role was as the voice of Sheriff Whylie Burp in the film An American Tail: Fievel Goes West in 1991.
Stewart died on July 2, 1997 in his Beverly Hills home from a pulmonary embolism.

New photos of Jimmy Stewart by Ned Scott will be added to the gallery as they are unearthed, we hope you enjoy those that are here.

Photos of Jimmy Stewart Photos of Jimmy Stewart Photos of Jimmy Stewart Photos of Jimmy Stewart Photos of Jimmy Stewart Photos of Jimmy Stewart
Photos of Jimmy Stewart Photos of Jimmy Stewart: Jimmy Stewart shares a light moment in an off-set gag shot with chorus girls who are taking a break from their dance moves in Director George Marshall's romantic comedy 'Pot O' Gold', 1941 Photos of Jimmy Stewart Photos of Jimmy Stewart Photos of Jimmy Stewart
Photos of Jimmy Stewart Photos of Jimmy Stewart Photos of Jimmy Stewart: Jimmy Stewart plays Jimmy Haskell, a failed music store owner in James Roosevelt's comedy "Pot O' Gold", 1941. The studio caption for this print reads: "A small-town boy makes good with his humble harmonica.  Co-starring are Paulette Goddard and Horace Heidt.  Direcred by Gearge Marshall." Photos of Jimmy Stewart: Jimmy relaxes off-set with Carlos Fernandez, renowned Big Band leader in the 1940’s.  Jimmy Stewart plays the role of Jimmy Haskel, a music aficionado who has just failed in a music business venture.  Hat in hand, he goes to work for his uptight uncle, C.J. Haskel, played by Charles Winniger, who owns a health food business.  Along the way, he befriends an Irish family who are music lovers and have their own band.  The daughter in the family, Molly McKorkle, played by Paulette Goddard, comes to Jimmy’s notice and they become friends because she encourages him in his music talents (harmonica playing).  Things get interesting when romance begins to bloom in their relationship despite the stern rumblings of a Molly’s overprotective mother, Ma Mckorkle, played by Mary Gordon.  Director George Marshall’s musical romantic comedy, "Pot O’ Gold", 1941.