Gene Tierney

Photos of Gene TierneyThese photos of Gene Tierney were taken by Ned Scott during filming of "The Shanghai Gesture" in 1941. Some of the color images sport props taken from Ned Scott's own garden the morning of the photo shoot (red hibiscus). Another item is the tapestry which forms the background of the portrait.

Born Gene Eliza Tierney on November 19, 1920 in Brooklyn, New York, Gene Tierney was an American stage and film actress.

She studied at St. Margaretís School and the Unquowa School in Connecticut. Her pastime was writing and, published in her school paper was her poem called Night. She learned French when she studied at the Brilliantmont Finishing School in Switzerland

She is most remembered for her roles in the films Laura in 1944 and Leave Her to Heaven in 1945 which was nominated for an Academy Award. Her other popular works include The Razorís Edge, Whirlpool, The Left Hand of God, Heaven Can Wait, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir and The Mating Season.

On Broadway, she appeared in Mrs. OíBrien Entertains and Ring Two in 1939. Her Hollywood debut was in the film The Return of Frank James in 1940. She later played a small part in Hudsonís Bay in 1941 and appeared in Tobacco Road, Belle Starr, Sundown and the Shanghai Gesture. In 1942, she appeared in Son of Fury: The Story of Benjamin Blake, Rings on Her Fingers, Thunder Birds and China Girl. A string of Hollywood films followed.

Geneís role in Mogambo went to Grace Kelly when she had to drop out for mental health reasons. Humphrey Bogart encouraged her to seek professional help. After 27 shock treatment therapies at the Harkness Pavilion, she escaped but was caught which led her to strongly oppose shock treatments. She was again admitted, this time in the Menninger Clinic, after she attempted to jump from a ledge.

She came back in 1962 via the film Advise and Consent. She followed it up with Toys in the Attic and Las Cuatro Noches de la Luna Ilena. She received wide acclaim for her comeback roles.

She talked about her career, mental illness and her life in her autobiography entitled Self Portrait. She received the Donostia Lifetime Achievement Award in 1986. She also has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Gene Tierney died of emphysema in 1991.

New photos of Gene Tierney by Ned Scott will be added to the gallery as they are unearthed, we hope you enjoy those that are here.

Photos of Gene Tierney:Photos of Gene Tierney: Gene Tierney poses in an Oleg Cassini designed costume for her role as Poppy, an unsuspecting but adventurous daughter of a Shanghai real estate tycoon.  Gene's black hair is offset by the blue dress and red hibiscus, freshly picked by Ned Scott from his own garden the day of the photo session.  Director Josef von Sternberg's film noir drama 'The Shanghai Gensture', 1941. Photos of Gene Tierney Photos of Gene Tierney Photos of Gene Tierney Photos of Gene Tierney Photos of Gene Tierney
Photos of Gene Tierney Photos of Gene Tierney Photos of Gene Tierney: Gene Tierney poses in an off-set scene.  Gene is clad in an ensemble designed by her husband, Oleg Cassini.  The Oriental background is part of the sets for Director Josef von Sternberg's film noir drama, 'The Shanghai Genture', 1941. Gene Tierney stars as Poppy, daughter of a wealthy real estate tycoon, who becomes entangled in the sleazy cltuches of Dr. Omar, played by Victor Mature.   Photos of Gene Tierney Photos of Gene Tierney Photos of Gene Tierney
Gene Tierney as Poppy, the innocent girl out to have a little fun,  here pictured with Victor Mature, the suave but sleazy Dr. Omar who through his manipulations, leads Poppy deeper and deeper into the world of dissipation and addiction. Director Josef von Sternberg's film noir drama,'The Shanghai Gesture'. Photos of Gene Tierney posing as 'Poppy' in the Joseph von Sternberg thriller 'Shanghai Gesture', 1941 Photos of Gene Tierney: Gene Tieney plays Poppy, an unsuspecting and decent daughter of a real estate developer in Shanghai in Josef von Sternberg’s 'Shanghai Gesture', 1941.  Poppy is slowly corrupted in Gin Sling’s gambling house by the sleazy Omar, played by Victor Mature.  Gin Sling’s goal is to prevent her ouster from her gambling establishment by any means necessary.