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Leopold Stokowski letter located

on Thursday, 22 March 2012. Posted in News

Loepold Stokowski sent this letter to Ned Scott on September 10, 1934 while Scott was still in Alvarado filming REDES. Though there is no record what image Ned Scott sent to Stokowski which called forth the comment about Vera Cruz, one can surmise that Scott snapped a photo there before his final leg of his journey to Alvarado, 50 miles to the south. Peggy Bok, former wife of Curtis Bok, was the mutual friend who introduced Scott to Stokowski, no doubt earlier in 1934 while Scott was still in New York city. Ned Scott was a keen aficionado of fine classical music, as was Henwar Rodakiewicz. Meeting and becoming friends with renowned conductor Leopold Stokowski surely must have been a very large thrill for Ned Scott.

Later on in 1940 when Ned Scott built his new house in La Canada, California, he incorporated a high energy sound system into his living room area. The living room measured 36 x 21 feet, and the height was a full 13 feet. One could say that that room was built for music. Ned Scott had a close friend from the Hollywood studios whose specialty was "sound technician". He and his friend would spend many afternoons tweaking the system for maximum performance. This was high tech for the time. The sound equipment was built from scratch, incorporating a short wave radio, a main amplifier and two pre-amps, two 12 inch woofers and one 8 horned tweeter. It was fabulous.

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