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Classic Hollywood fashion photo page established

on Thursday, 19 October 2017. Posted in News


Along with many other specialty photographs in the wider group of Hollywood stills, the Ned Scott Archive is creating a classic fashion photo page.  This page will feature photographs from the career of still photographer Ned Scott with emphasis on the last three years of his career, 1945-48.  Images posted here will demonstrate the complete command of the subject by the photographer.  Location, background, lighting, mood, props, expression and gesture  are features the photographer uses to convey an essence about his subject, and Ned Scott's fashion photographs exhibit this trait.  The result is often surprising, and always pleasing.  http://www.thenedscottarchive.com/hollywood/classic-hollywood-fashion-photos.html  

Claire Trevor fashion photo

Claire Trevor, the queen of '40's film noir, poses in this fashion shot for Stagecaoch wearing a conch shell necklace and bracelet with midrill ensemble and jacket.  Ned Scott photo