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Newly discovered movie Ned Scott photographed for Columbia Studios in 1948

on Sunday, 23 October 2011. Posted in News

My research has uncovered a photograph which Ned Scott created for the 1948 movie "The Return of October". No prior evidence existed that Ned Scott worked this film. The movie stars Glenn Ford and Terry Moore, Albert Sharpe and James Gleason. It was directed by Joseph H. Lewis and produced by Rudy Mate for Columbia Studios. Ned Scott participated in five Glenn Ford films for Columbia Studios. He had just finished the film "Gilda" with Ford and Rita Hayworth before taking on this assignment. This film is a comedy which plods along in a predictable manner of the genre and time. At least one reviewer found it to be quaint and fun. The location shots took place at Santa Anita Race Track and residential environs, thus lending a certain authenticity to the production and grounding for the characters. My father never spoke of his times at Santa Anita, perhaps because he was not taken with the aura of gambling and the spectacle of the race track. It would be typical of him.

newly discovered 1947 movie Ned Scott photographed for Columbia Studios

on Sunday, 23 October 2011. Posted in News

My research has just revealed a 1947 movie that Ned Scott photographed for Columbia Studios called "The Guilt of Janet Ames". The movie stars Rosalind Russell, Melvyn Douglas, Sid Caesar and Nina Foch. The film is directed by Henry Levin for Columbia. The general theme of this drama is that one cannot escape the vicissitudes of life despite all the good intentions and grand efforts of psychoanalysts and good friends. Life is just one step ahead at every turn. The psychological downside holds dangers such as long standing resentment which can alter one's perception of reality, especially one's own. My father saved one 11 x 14 oversize print from this film in his own collection--a portrait of Russell. My sister has the print in her collection. Up to this point in my research, no clue as to the origin of the print existed. Now I can marry the print with its film origin, a satisfying moment for me as researcher.

Rosalind Russell and Melvyn Douglas

Rosalind Russell and Melvyn Douglas in "The Guilt of Janet Ames" by Ned Scott

Conrad Janis photo from "Snafu" recovered

on Tuesday, 15 November 2011. Posted in News

I just found that Ned Scott photographed a film for Columbia Studios called "Snafu" in 1945. The film starred Conrad Janis, Robert Benchley and Barbara Jo Allen. Jack Moss directed the movie for Columbia. This is a war movie made just after War II ended. It capitalized on the often heard slogan from many a G.I.--S.N.A.F.U., or Situation Normal, All Fowled UP. Conrad Janis plays a fourteen year old boy who joins the Marine Corps without parents' consent or knowledge. He is deployed to the Pacific theater, survives and becomes a decorated soldier. The plot thickens when his parents discover the truth. But the really interesting thing is that the portrait photograph of Conrad Janis bearing Ned Scott's credit stamp was probably one of the first ever taken of Janis in his long film making career. "Snafu" was his first movie. Since then, Conrad Janis has been steadily active in film production. He is best known for his roles in "The Buddy Holly Story", "The Cable Guy" and "Bad Blood". His range of film making activity in addition to acting includes director (3 titles), producer (3) titles and editor (2) titles. He was active in the stage as well. Conrad Janis is currently active today with his role in "Sweetwater", starring James Caan and William Forsythe. The prolific and creative man was born in 1928.

Conrad Janis in "Snafu"

Conrad Janis as 14 year old Ronald Stevens in "Snafu" by Ned Scott

Classic Hollywood fashion photo page established

on Thursday, 19 October 2017. Posted in News


Along with many other specialty photographs in the wider group of Hollywood stills, the Ned Scott Archive is creating a classic fashion photo page.  This page will feature photographs from the career of still photographer Ned Scott with emphasis on the last three years of his career, 1945-48.  Images posted here will demonstrate the complete command of the subject by the photographer.  Location, background, lighting, mood, props, expression and gesture  are features the photographer uses to convey an essence about his subject, and Ned Scott's fashion photographs exhibit this trait.  The result is often surprising, and always pleasing.  http://www.thenedscottarchive.com/hollywood/classic-hollywood-fashion-photos.html  

Claire Trevor fashion photo

Claire Trevor, the queen of '40's film noir, poses in this fashion shot for Stagecaoch wearing a conch shell necklace and bracelet with midrill ensemble and jacket.  Ned Scott photo