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Nancy Saunders photographs discovered

on Saturday, 28 January 2017. Posted in News

Until now, no 1940's photographs of Nancy Saunders by Ned Scott have ever been found.  She is one of the few celebrities active at Columbis Studios during the time when Ned Scott was a contract photogrpaher who never appeared in portrait form from any of the films in the 1940's.  These portraits survives from the film It Had To Be You, a romantic comedy directed by Don Hartman and Rudy Mate and released in 1947. Nancy plays a model opposite the female lead, Ginger Rogers, who functions as a scatterbrained scuptress. Nancy also played in The Millerson Case, the eigth "Crime Doctor" film staring Warner Baxter as Dr. Ordway.  These films from Columbia Studios were immensely popular with the movie going public. Later in her film career, Nancy became a regular in Western themed films, and it is for these roles that she is widely known.

Portraits of Nancy Saunders by Ned Scott, 1947