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John Wayne photos discussed in letter by "Stagecoach" cast member Louise Platt

on Wednesday, 19 January 2011. Posted in News

John Wayne, a major cast member from the epic film Stagecoach, is discussed in a letter written by Louise Platt , another cast member. Louise relates anecdotes about cast members John Wayne, John Ford, John Carradine, Claire Trevor and Thomas Mitchell in this 2002 letter. This letter was written to the Ned Scott Archive to accompany a major exhibit at the Cowboy and Western heritage Museum highlighting the making of the classic film "Stagecoach". At that exhibit, several of Ned Scott's John Wayne photos were on prominent display. The display also included several artifacts from the film making process.

John Wayne photo from "Stagecoach" graces cover of American Cowboy Magazine

on Tuesday, 01 November 2011. Posted in News

The American Cowboy Magazine issued a Collector's Edition to honor John Wayne, the "Duke" famous among many around the world as the iconic cowboy of the American West. The editors chose Ned Scott's classic portrait depiction of Wayne's character "Ringo" from the 1939 movie "Stagecoach" to grace the magazine's cover. My research over the past ten years has shown that this image is an extremely well dispersed, easily recognized and highly revered portrayal of Wayne. It's not a stretch to claim that this in-character portrait by Ned Scott firmly established the cultural mystique of Wayne over the years as the mythological giant he was to become. The essence of this portrait forever links Wayne to the history of the American West, a principled but often misunderstood human force who overcomes the brutal realities of the landscape while grappling with the duplicity of his fellow men. You cannot get any more American than that!

American Cowboy cover image by Ned Scott

The official title of this magazine issue is "the John Wayne Special Issue 2010/2011". Ned Scott photographed Wayne in a number of poses, gestures, expressions--all in costume for his Ringo character. He also photographed Wayne with other cast members, especially with Claire Trevor's character "Dallas". Inside the magazine issue are other production photographs from the film which Ned Scott created. It is a wonderful and well deserved tribute to an exceptionally gifted photographer. It is just as remarkable that Ned Scott shuttered this photograph with only three years under his belt as a still photographer in Hollywood. It is one of the iconic John Wayne photos.