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Newly discovered movie Ned Scott photographed for Columbia Studios in 1948

on Sunday, 23 October 2011. Posted in News

My research has uncovered a photograph which Ned Scott created for the 1948 movie "The Return of October". No prior evidence existed that Ned Scott worked this film. The movie stars Glenn Ford and Terry Moore, Albert Sharpe and James Gleason. It was directed by Joseph H. Lewis and produced by Rudy Mate for Columbia Studios. Ned Scott participated in five Glenn Ford films for Columbia Studios. He had just finished the film "Gilda" with Ford and Rita Hayworth before taking on this assignment. This film is a comedy which plods along in a predictable manner of the genre and time. At least one reviewer found it to be quaint and fun. The location shots took place at Santa Anita Race Track and residential environs, thus lending a certain authenticity to the production and grounding for the characters. My father never spoke of his times at Santa Anita, perhaps because he was not taken with the aura of gambling and the spectacle of the race track. It would be typical of him.

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