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Ned Scott photograph of Rita Hayworth in delected scene from "Down to Earth" located

on Friday, 14 June 2013. Posted in News


This recently discovered photograph of Rita Hayworth in a deleted dance scene from Down To Earth shows the purest adherence to form and structure by photographer Ned Scott.  For Ned Scott, capturing this elite sense of form was the apex of his art.  Here a series of triangles arrest the attention of the viewer, and despite the fact that this is just one more still from a movie, one can get rapped in the forest of arms and the juxtapositon of groups from left to right.  Triangles, both closed and open are thrust at you by arm positions (closed fist): but this is offset by other triangles formed by the position of the three main groups of dancers.  Rita is in the center of this juxtaposition, making the firmest statement of all the dancers.  Finally, there are the shadows on the floor which contribute to the trainlgular theme.  This is a consistent whole of disparate parts all linked by one structural idea.  The overall effect from the play on forms is one of cleanliness and purity, two goals Ned Scott always pushed himself to accomplish with his cameras. 

 DTE deleted scene

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