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Ned Scott films discovered for which photographer's credit denied

on Saturday, 12 January 2013. Posted in News

I constantly plow through web records to discover films which Ned Scott worked during his career from 1935-48. The effort has been rewarding since I began this research process in 2006. Most of these films have been revealed during eBay searches, auction searches, and film industry announcements in periodicals from the time period. What I appreciate the most is locating, and often purchasing, photographs which were made by production studios during the filming process. These are often labeled with the current film being produced as well as the studio and photographer credit. There could be no better record of a photographer's involvement in the making of a particular film than these studio photos.

Once one of these is located for a particular film, I apply to IMDb (The Internet Movie Database) for the appropriate credit for Ned Scott as still photographer. IMDB has been very professional and has accepted most of my applications. When I began this process, Ned Scott was credited as working three films (2006). Now in 2013, Ned Scott is credited for 75 films. IMDb has not accepted some applications, despite the fact that I have located firm photographic evidence that he worked a particular film. IMDb does this because they have determined that the film crew for that movie is compete (hence no more crew names can be added).

For the record, therefore, I want to list these films so that Ned Scott can get proper credit as still photographer. They are:

Golden Boy, 1939, with William Holden

Blondie's Anniversary, 1947, with Adele Jergens

The Notorious Long Wolf, 1946, with Janis Carter

The Swordsman, 1948, with Larry Parks

I Love A Mystery, 1945, with Nina Foch

My Name Is Julia Ross, 1945, with Nina Foch

The Story of G.I. Joe, 1945, with Robert Mitchum

The Little Foxes, 1941, with Betty Davis

Blood and Sand, 1941, with Rita Hayworth

Slightly French, 1949, with Dorothy Lamour

The Fighting Guardsmen, 1946, with Janis Carter

The Walking Hills, 1949, with Randolph Scott

My Kingdom for a Cook, 1943, with Marguerite Chapman

I know that this list will grow as time goes by and my research reveals more films. But for now, this is sufficient. To demonstrate the kind of photographic evidence which I use to authenticate Ned Scott credit, I have added a photograph with its attendant credit stated on the back. Janis Carter stars in "The Fighting Guardsmen" as shown below.

Janis Carter

Here is a scan of the back (verso) of this print. It shows the studio stamp, the photographer credit and the short blurb about the actress and the film.

verso information with credit

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