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Ingrid Bergman photos from "Spellbound" created by Ned Scott

on Wednesday, 02 June 2010. Posted in News

The Ned Scott Archive was able to purchase 9 original, oversize 11 x 14 prints from the movie "Spellbound", a 1945 film produced by David O. Selznick and directed by Alfred Hitchcock. These prints were made in support of the film from images created during a photographic session at our family home home in La Canada, California. Because of this unique aspect of the prints, these are very special to the Archive. I was only one year old when these photographs were created. They may be viewed here. Author and photographer Mark Vierra of the Starlight Studio made these available to the Archive. According to Vierra, these oversize prints, or proofs, were made at the suggestion of producer Selznick and given to him at the completion of the film production. They had remained with his estate for many years and only became available after his passing. The images were photographed in our sunken living room, 36 by 21 feet with its 13 foot ceiling and floor-to-ceiling bookcase. Pella wall-to-ceiling custom window panels framed the western side of the living room, allowing for a large suffusion of natural light. Following the death of Ned Scott's widow, Gwladys Scott, the house was sold to the actor Kevin Costner in 1985. (Being half Welsh, Gwladys always insisted on the "w" being added to the spelling of her name after she dropped the pen name von Ettinghausen in 1936.) Kostner converted the house from the stark and classy Bauhaus architectural style to a Mexican hacienda style. My view is that such a drastic change, while it is certainly the purview of the new owner, reflects his San Fernando Valley roots.

Ingrid Bergman for Spellbound by Ned Scott

Ingrid Bergman for "Spellbound" by Ned Scott

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  • Evan Scott

    Evan Scott

    09 June 2010 at 03:16 |
    You never told me about the new prints! Which ones are they?


    • Norm Scott

      Norm Scott

      09 June 2010 at 17:07 |
      In the past, I have had the opportunity to discuss Ned Scott's prints from the movie "Spellbound" with Mark. He had several of these prints for sale from time to time on Ebay and this fact prompted me to contact him directly. I learned that Ned made large 11 x 14 proofs of these images and gave them to David Selznick, the producer of the film. In the last few years, Mark found himself in a position to broker these for sale because he was a serious student of the genre and people trusted him. Owners of the prints approached him for this purpose after Mr. Selznick died.

      Most were sold. However, he had recently discovered in his files a group of 9 which had escaped the auction hammer. He contacted me and offered them to me. So, they came back to the Archive, and I am very grateful to Mark for the opportunity.

      The last five listed in the Bergman block are among the 9 purchased.


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