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Joan Bennett photo from 1937 discovered in magazine

on Tuesday, 20 March 2012. Posted in News

One of the first films which Ned Scott photographed for producer Walter Wanger was "Vogues of 1938" starring Joan Bennett and Warner Baxter. At that time, Ned Scott had been shooting films in Hollywood for two years. One of his new friends, Ralph Steiner of Frontier Films in New York, wrote him about a mutual friend who wrote articles for McCall's magazine. His name was Pare Lorentz. Lorentz specialized in Hollywood material (like the E ! channel of today), and he wrote a monthly article entitled "Movies: What's Happening today". Ned Scott was right in the middle of shooting "Vogues", and at Lorentz request sent him photographs of Joan Bennett for use in his article. In a July 1937 letter to Ralph Steiner, Ned Scott discusses his feelings for Lorentz' misuse of his photos:

"Noticed in this month's McCall's that bastard P. Lorentz published four pictures I sent him. One of them---a Joan Bennett creation---was labeled with both our names but I saw no credits anywhere. Nor have I heard from him except that he returned the stuff he didn't need. Can't understand a guy like that. What the hell does the guy think I send him pictures for? Because I'm fond of him? He can go right plumb to hell and take his McCall's and shove it where it belongs and you can tell him so for me"

That issue of McCall's has finally been located and the Lorentz article and photos are now part of the archive material. Other Joan Bennett images from the same movie are located here.

Another interesting find in this article is that of other images which are from other Ned Scott films. The two images shown, one each of Ronald Coleman and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. are Ned Scott stills from the movie "The Prisoner of Zenda". This photograph of the boxer in the ring is that of Wayne Morris from "Kid Galahad", another film Ned Scott worked.

McCall's magazine

McCall's cover for August, 1937

McCall's magazine

Lorentz' article with Ned Scott images: Ronald Coleman (top) and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. from "The Prisoner of Zenda", and Joan Bennett from "Tradewinds".

Below: Wayne Morris from "Kid Galahad".

McCall's magazine

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