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A new book from Aperture Foundation publishes 22 Ned Scott images from Redes Film

on Wednesday, 02 June 2010. Posted in News

A new book from Aperture Foundation was published last Fall. The subject is Paul Strand's work in Mexico during the years 1932-34. James Krippner, a history professor at Haverford College in Pennsylvania is the author. Professor Krippner and I have been corresponding over a period of time concerning the making the Redes/The Wave in 1934. Since Ned Scott did the honors as still photographer for that production, Professor Krippner contacted me for research and photographic consult. The Aperture Foundation has devoted a full chapter of their new four chapter book to this film project, the first one Paul Strand was to attempt in his career. The book features 22 reprinted images from the Ned Scott's Redes film still files. The Ned Scott Archive supplied all the captions for the images. Fred Zinnemann called these images "classics" in his 1992 autobiography "Fred Zinnemann: An Autobiography: A Life in the Movies". Original Strand and Scott prints from the book were exhibited in New York as the book was released. A traveling exhibit will visit several cities around the globe in the coming months. Each volume contains a restored version of the film in DVD format.

This book is a prodigious, scholarly treatise of the subject matter. The printing is superb.

Three angry fishermen from Redes Film by Ned Scott

Three Angry Fishermen by Ned Scott

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  • kehau


    09 June 2010 at 19:23 |
    Excited and looking forward to the book and watching the Redes DVD! Kehau Yong


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