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New friend of the Ned Scott Archive shares prints for posting

on Thursday, 06 April 2017. Posted in News

A new friend of the Ned Scott Archive has provided a large number of Ned Scott authored images from his own collection for posting on the Archive website.  He has amassed a very respectable collection of prints from the Hollywood Classic era and his own website, https://www.aenigma-images.com/, serves as a ready repository for those images.  His research into the backstories of the images provides a wealth of interesting views into the lives of Hollywood personalities which appear in the prints.  The aenigma-images Facebook page allows Philip a means to discuss his collection and encourage feedback from other collectors and enthusiatic fans. https://www.faceboo.com/aenigmaimages/

Classic Hollywood fashion photo page established

on Thursday, 19 October 2017. Posted in News


Along with many other specialty photographs in the wider group of Hollywood stills, the Ned Scott Archive is creating a classic fashion photo page.  This page will feature photographs from the career of still photographer Ned Scott with emphasis on the last three years of his career, 1945-48.  Images posted here will demonstrate the complete command of the subject by the photographer.  Location, background, lighting, mood, props, expression and gesture  are features the photographer uses to convey an essence about his subject, and Ned Scott's fashion photographs exhibit this trait.  The result is often surprising, and always pleasing.  http://www.thenedscottarchive.com/hollywood/classic-hollywood-fashion-photos.html  

Claire Trevor fashion photo

Claire Trevor, the queen of '40's film noir, poses in this fashion shot for Stagecoach wearing a conch shell necklace and bracelet with midrift ensemble and jacket.  Ned Scott photo

Expensive Rita Hayworth photo discovered

on Saturday, 18 November 2017. Posted in News

This photograph of Rita Hayworth sold on Jan 7, 2015 an an Ebay auction.  This sale price was $1700. But prospective sellers of such material are denied this infomation on Worthpoint's database because the transaction is missing.  And these potential sellers are paying Worthpoint $20 per month for this amateur service.  

Worthpoint is an online company which compiles sales data from completed online auctions on any commodity. Their business model depends on sales information which is supplied to them through agreements with over 300 suppliers.  Ebay is a major supplier.  So is Emovieposter.  Both of these companies regularly auction Ned Scott prints.  The problem arises, as in this case of this Rita Hayworth print, when these auction companies do not supply accurate or complete information to Worthpoint.  And Worthpoint has no mechanism to ascertain the accuracy of information.  No quality control.  Researchers using Worthpoint's dadabase may not be seeing accurate information as a result of these faults.  They need to know Worthpoint's limitations.  

Rita Hayworth portrait by Ned Scott for Down To Earth, 1947


New Ingrid Bergman photo from "Spellbound" discovered

on Friday, 08 December 2017. Posted in News

This newly discovered Ingrid Bergman photo was taken on the set of Spellbound in 1945.  It is an offset shot with Ingrid taking a break during filming while relaxing in a specially designed studio chair.  This image carries special importance for the Ned Scott Archive.  Most of Ingrid Bergman images already posted here are from the special shooting session at Ned Scott' s  house, done at special request of the film's producer, David Selznick.  Here is the first verified image that provides proof that Ned Scott was working the filming of the movie and producing stills on the soundstage.  

Unknown John Wayne photo from Stagecoach 1939 film discovered

on Wednesday, 13 December 2017. Posted in News






John Wayne Stagecoach

This particular portrait of John Wayne as the Ringo Kid from the 1939 classic Western drama, Stagecoach, has remained unseen by film fans everywhere until now.  Ned Scott created this John Wayne photo as one of several from a photo session to support Wayne's maverick role for the film.  The Ned Scott Archive takes great pleasure in presenting this photo for the enjoyment of the many fans of the film.  It is commonly known that this film energized Wayne's career and it marked the beginning of a new genre of filmmaking.  Director John Ford was quoted at a gathering of the cast members after the film that John Wayne will be the "biggest star ever" because he is the "everyman".  This image comes courtesy of my new friends at Emovieposter.com.

Ned Scott photo discovered in movie poster art

on Saturday, 13 January 2018. Posted in News

The link between Ned Scott still photographs and poster art has been clearly established.  This is another example from a 1947 film noir mystery from Columbia Pictures, a movie titled Framed, starring Glenn Ford and Janis Carter.  Glenn Ford's character falls victim to the twisted murder plot of a small town seductive waitress, Janis Carter's character.  Upon discovering enough of the plot's design, Ford confronts the deceitful Carter. The confrontation is the essence of the still photograph.  Things are more complicated by the fact that these two had already become lovers.  Director Richard Wallace's dark mystery, Framed, 1947.  

The poster artist used the same poses from the photograph, but added a slightly sexier costume for Carter.  This theme was topped off with the artist's rendering of Cater's facial expressions to convey tension and struggle.  




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