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Classic Hollywood fashion photo page established

on Thursday, 19 October 2017. Posted in News


Along with many other specialty photographs in the wider group of Hollywood stills, the Ned Scott Archive is creating a classic fashion photo page.  This page will feature photographs from the career of still photographer Ned Scott with emphasis on the last three years of his career, 1945-48.  Images posted here will demonstrate the complete command of the subject by the photographer.  Location, background, lighting, mood, props, expression and gesture  are features the photographer uses to convey an essence about his subject, and Ned Scott's fashion photographs exhibit this trait.  The result is often surprising, and always pleasing.  http://www.thenedscottarchive.com/hollywood/classic-hollywood-fashion-photos.html  

Claire Trevor fashion photo

Claire Trevor, the queen of '40's film noir, poses in this fashion shot for Stagecaoch wearing a conch shell necklace and bracelet with midrill ensemble and jacket.  Ned Scott photo

Auction information source Worthpoint displays faulty information

on Saturday, 18 November 2017. Posted in News

Worthpoint, an online company which compiles completed auction information, has posted faulty results for Ned Scott prints which have been auctioned since 2006.  Faults include omission of auctioned items, mislabeling of items, false attribution and general neglect of important details.  Efforts to bring these matters to the attention of Worthpoint staff have resulted is meager and unsatisfying responses.  Worthpoint makes its money by charging subscribers a fee for searching their databases for auction history information.  This can be a good source for researchers, but only if the information searched is accurate.  The intent of the Archive is to correct these inaccuracies.  Until then, all parties are urged to approach Worthpoint data with skepticism.

Poster art featuring Ned Scott stills discovered

on Friday, 06 September 2013. Posted in News


   Movie poster art featuring Ned Scott film stills is a category of film promotion which was very important in the ultimate success of a fim at the box office.  I have just discovered an excellent poster art site which carries many examples of film posters in which Ned Scott stills were used for effect.  This example comes from the film "Shanghai Gesture", 1941, in which Gene Tierney stars along with Victor Mature.  The film was directed by Joseph von Sternberg.  The photograph below of Ona Munson as "Mother" Gin Sling, the madam of a renowned gambing house in Shanghai, was one of Ned Scott's personal favorites.  He always had this image displayed in his home.



gene t

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