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Letter dated December 1938, sent from Kayenta, Arizona




I'm only writing because I know I'll catch hell when I get home—no--! But I'm so goddam tired & Ive been so cold & busy that I hardly have the energy to write. They're crazy—this outfit—up at 5 AM & back at 6PM—then I have to unload & load & have supper & a shower & by that time I'm dead. So glad I didn't bring my own equipment. Dust galore—wind--rain--snow--and more WIND. I'm fed up and want to get back home & to you. Think there is only about another day here & then we go to Tuba City & (….) & then I don't know what. Everything is going according to schedule—if there is any schedule! Ford seems happy with what has been shot so far so perhaps we will get back on time— maybe sooner! I doubt it though. Don't let my return alter your plans darling—think it would be swell if you got to Babs—and if you do—you should stay at least a week—if not longer. The change should do you the world of good altho it sure would be tough to come home & not find you. I shouldn't say that! The phone to Flagstaff has been out ever since we arrived but someone has been coming in nearly every day—am looking forward to wire from you about your plans. Love to you my darling—Jesus, my bed is hard and lonely—20 in one room—CCC camp—snoring galore! Goodnight my sweet I love you-


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