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Letter dated Sept. 1, 1935 Ned Scott to Gladys von Ettinghausen
from the Jay Six Cattle Company, Benson, Arizona

Sept. 1, 1935

Gladys Darling---

It is one of those nights---I just couldn't sleep---and so here I am with you again---I am so often with you---you so seldom know it---it is so horribly lonely here---mentally alone---and I am so fed up with this stagnation---petrification---waiting---waiting for what?---and no word from you dear---I was hoping Saturday would bring a letter for Sunday and Labor Day there is no postman---and your sweet letters help so to make this time pass more quickly---it drags so horribly sometimes---Oh, how I wish I were near Landfair Avenue right now---to see you---that last vision still remains so distinct as the last beautiful evening we were together and I so rudely swept out of your comfort---your sweetness---your beauty---But it is the only way to go---when one must---I wonder if such joys and happiness must always be but moments---fleeting moments that remain but memories---to me---yours have been so utterly vivid and red---

On Tuesday Peggy Bok and her managerie make their way East---Henwar leaves the same day for Hollywood---Wednesday I trek down to Benson to hold Ellen's hand and to shoot some pictures for advertising purposes---and incidentally for my board---I have found Jack Spieden quite scotch at times so I feel something must be done while I am there---I have been invited to come and stay indefinitely---you have been invited several times too but I cannot yet tell whether you would like it or not---I wonder---you say you would but you don't know---never having been where one is always in such close contact with the earth---Personally---I don't think I much care for it---bulls are not nearly as fascinating to me as they seem to be to Jack!---and furthermore---Jack is known as quite a ladies man!---would you care to come out?---But seriously---if you could take a vacation why not jump on the train as soon as possible and stay with us till I go back to Hollywood---probably around Oct. 1---it's an idea---one that I would only dare to dream of---but dreams do come true sometimes. You might like it---you know---it's a swell time of year right now---the country is too beautiful---as regards comforts---you might have to sleep on an army cot for awhile---both Ellen's and Jack's furniture is supposed to be on its way from the East. Oh---it would be swell if you but could---Also---it's quite possible that we might have one of the little shacks to ourselves---I don't quite know what the situation is there now---if you are interested darling---I shall enlarge on this as soon as I get back to the ranch---

Hell---I'm all pepped up now---I was so low at the beginning of this stupid letter—-must rush down and mail it now---I feel rather like a drive anyway—-and a terrific storm seems to be brewing above and I love storms—

Do write soon my love---I just cannot bear this isolation---I was not made to be a monk dammit!---

All my love darling


P.S. Write me to the ranch Jay Six Cattle Company, Benson Arizona---you better come out darling and save me from a life of wrangling---bulls---Jesus!


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