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Letter dated July 4, 1935 Ned Scott to Gladys von Ettinghausen
from the Hassayampa Mountain Club, Prescott, Arizona.

c/o B. Goodwin
Hassayampa Mountain Club

July 4, 1935

Gladys---my beautiful

Of all the days in which to write---but it has been relatively quiet---and this particular evening I am all alone---everyone else has gone to the movies. I dislike such days for they stand for everything I dislike in human beings---last year I remember so well the complete lack of “Americana” on the family---it was so peaceful in the slow tropics---but we had plenty of “Mexicana” between Sept. 15th and 30th---fifteen days of July 4th and then some---

Spent the last two nights in the Grand Canyon---first time I have been there and I must say I was rather disappointed---especially in the lack of extreme color that I always associated with this gigantic drawing card of our amazing government---and all it lacks to make it a Coney Island second to none are some hot dog stands labelled “By courtesy of the Dept. of the Interior.” And what havoc this damned government is playing with this country---grand new highways where used to be but narrow winding wagon roads that used to be so completely inhuman and such fun to drive. One sees everywhere the sign of the “CCC” and you begin to wonder if Washington has not gone mad. In ten years this country will be so utterly transformed---it's horrible to conceive---you had better come out very soon darling for it will not be this way long! ---I wonder if you would like it---you might find it lonely and bleak---I wonder---it is the only place I have been where I can be alone and not feel lonely---and only yesterday Ellen remarked she could not see why people flocked to Europe to live where there was “all this”---and she has spent most of her life abroad. Oh---I hope so terribly you will be able to come out as soon as the ranch is ready.

I don't know whether I told you that I might go East sometime during the next month---and it is quite possible that I may go without Ellen for there is only reason for one of us going and more reason for me as I want to see my child---I haven't seen her for a year and a half and kids do grow so rapidly around her age—-Do think you would like to go if I waited until you were free---we might meet in Yuma!!---

I am wondering how Cornelia has been---I have not written her since my departure from Holl.---neither have I sent her postcards---I detest P. cards and it is always so difficult to write on them.---Why is it I tell you so much of what I think—and feel?---It must be boring to say the least---And, especially when I realize I have told you so much of myself---and you nothing of yourself---anyway---I have tried to write Cornelia but words are difficult and I do not want to write her anything she must read between the lines---that would be fatal----

And so darling---goodnight---I really don't know why I write you this piece of nonsense---it says little---but so much goes with it---you are so utterly swell---

So much love, dear



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