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Buena Vista Ranch

Buena Vista Ranch Panorama
View from the ranch house.

Buena Vista Ranch Panorama
View from the hills opposite the ranch house.

Neils and Babs Brown, 1936

Babs and Neils Brown, Gwladys and Ned Scott

Neils and Babs Brown and their two sons

Neils and Babs Brown were Easterners, like Ned Scott and many of his associates, who decided in the timeframe of the '30's to migrate West and create new lives.  The Browns bought an 1800 acre cattle ranch called the Buena Vista located on the outskirts of Nogales, Arizona.  Portions of the boundary of this ranch bordered the country of Mexico.  They built a typcical haciena in the style of the area, surrounded it with an ocotillo fence, and made a very decent life for themselves and their two sons.  Neils Brown was later to become an Arizona State Senator who served his constituents with distinction.

Ned Scott and his new wife found themselves visiting the Browns and their beautiful ranch as often as they could during the latter half of the '30's.  Ned's associates also wended their way to the ranch from time to time.  The ranch served as an anchor as Ned traveled around the state, cameras in hand, shooting various areas of interest. Those wanderings included Kayenta, Chinle, Betatakin, Flagstaff, Mesa Verde and Canyon de Chelly, Hassayampa Mountain Inn, the J-6 Cattle Company in Benson, Tombstone, and Monument Valley.  Wondeful parties were held at the ranchhouse.  Always stimulating, the ranch provided reinforcement for a new style of living and looking at the world for displaced Easterners.  Ned Scott photographer the ranch views and the interiors and exteriros of the hacienda.  He also created portraits of the Brown family.  All these images reflect a new purpose and zest for life which had previously eluded him in New York.  The friendships were long and lasting.  As 1942 dawned on a nation newly at war, Ned and Gwladys approached the Browns to serve as godparents and protectors of their newborn daughter, just 10 months old.  Ned had just been selecetd by Orson Wells to serve as still photographer for Carnival, a film set on location in Rio de Janiero, Brazil,  and funded by the U.S. War Department.  He was to be out of the country for an unspecified period of time, and things were very uncertain. 



Buena Vista Ranch - Interior

Buena Vista Ranch - Tree Studies

Peck Canyon Road and Highway 19

Other Ranch Views