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Anna Lee ImagesThese Anna Lee images were taken by Ned Scott during filming of "Commandos Strike at Dawn" in 1942 and "Hangmen Also Die in 1943. Some of these images qualify as the most glamorous photos ever taken of Anne Lee.

Anna Lee, an English actress, was born Joan Boniface Winnifrith on January 2, 1913 in Ightham, Kent, England. She was educated at the Royal Albert Hall. Her film debut was in His Lordship in 1932. Upon moving to Hollywood with her first husband, she appeared in several films with John Ford including Fort Apache, How Green Was My Valley and Two Rode Together.

She produced the horror film Bedlam in 1946 and starred in Hangmen Also Die! In 1943. She played several television roles in anthology series from the 1940s to the 1950s like The Ford Theater Hour, Armstrong Circle Theater, Robert Montgomery Presents, Kraft Television Theater and Wagon Train. She played the roles of Sister Margaretta in The Sound of Music, Mrs. Bates in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? and the lead role in What Can I Do? She is well known as Lila Quatermaine in soap opera General Hospital and Port Charles.

Her first husband was director Robert Stevenson with whom she moved to Hollywood in 1939. Her second husband was George Stafford and her last was novelist, Robert Nathan.

Anna Lee lived in the 1930s in a London house built in 1710. The house was said to have previously been an office, a boarding house, coal merchantsí home and even a hangout for vagrants. It was converted back to a private residence in the 1900s. The house is now a tourist attraction is on a list of renowned residences, having been home to famous personalities including Catherine of Aragon, William Shakespeare and Christopher Wren.

Anna Lee died shortly after she was fired from her role by the new management of General Hospital in 2003. She was awarded a Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award on May 21, 2004. The award was accepted on her behalf by her son as she died before she was awarded it. General Hospital made a memorial service tribute to her on July 16, 2002.

Anne Lee Anne Lee Anne Lee portrait for Fritz Lang's famous wartime drama, "Hangmen Also Die", 1943. Anna plays the role of Masha Novotny, daughter of Professor Stephen Novotny.  The film deals with the assination of Reichprotector Reinhold Heidrich, an historical event which took place in Prague, Checkoslavakia in 1942.  Ann Lee stars in this film along with Walter Brennan and Brian Donlevy.  The film is loaded with threat, fear, humiliation and bravery.  Director Fritz Lang's tense wartime drama, "Hangmen Also Die", 1943. Anne Lee Anne Lee Anne Lee Anna Lee Images
nna Lee photos:  Anna Lee takes a break on the phone in an off-set shot from Director Fritz Lang's wartime suspense thriller, 'Hangmen Also Die!', 1943. Anna Lee Images Anna Lee Images Anna Lee Images Anna Lee Images Anna Lee Images Anna Lee Images
Anna Lee Images Anne Lee Anne Lee Ned Scott captured Anna Lee in a playful moment in this portrait which supports her role in the Arnold Pressburger production "Hangmen Also Die", 1943.  Anna Lee plays the role of Masha Novotny, daughter of esteemed professor Stephen Novotny of Progue, Checkoslavakia, played by Walter Brennan.  Just after Adolph Hitler had just finished commandeering the country in a bloodless coup, Reinhold Heidrich was installed as Reichprotector of the region.  He was later assasinated by Check nationals, and it is this assasination which drives the energy of the film.  Director Fritz Lang's dramatic wartime drama, "Hangmen Alo Die", 1943. An off-set portrait of Anna Lee for one of three wartime dramas produced by Lester Cowan in the 1940’s.  Judith Bowen is Anna Lee’s character, and in the script she functions as Admiral Bowen’s wife and go-between with Norwegian resident Erik Toreson, played by Paul Muni.  The admiral, played by Sir Cedric Hardwicke, commands a British naval taskforce whose mission is to deliver a regiment of Britain’s new special forces, the Commandos, to the shores of Norway to destroy a secret German airbase.  Director John Farrow’s wartime drama, "Commandos Strike at Dawn", 1942. A portrait of Anna Lee as Masha Novotny, the daoughter of the renowned Professor Novotny in Director Fritz Lang's film noir war drama, "Hangmen Also Die", 1943.