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Andy Devine Photos

These photos taken by Ned Scott are those character actor studies of Andy as Buck, the driver and mule skinner in Stagecoach.  In this role, Andy had a quirky but pleasing demeanor which only served to underline his profound fear of Apaches. 

Andy Devine was born in Flagstaff, Arizona, on October 7, 1905.  Andy spent his boyhood in Kingman, Arizona, not far from Flagstaff.  He attended t Mary's and St. Benedict's College and then Northern Arizona State Teacher's College.  He also attended Santa Clara University where he played football.  It was his football experience which was to lead him into his first acting role in 1931 in The Spirit of Notre Dame.  

Andy became known for his raspy voice.  At first it was not a positive offering to the acting world, and he was shunned as the industry moved from silent films to talkies.  However, his peculiar voice soon became his trademark and it anchored his character roles.  He played in over 400 films moving easily from "B" films to class A films with no loss of appeal.  Some of his most well known films beside Stagecoach are A Star is Born (1937), The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence (1962) and Island in the Sky (1953).

New Andy Devine photos wll be added from time to time as they are unearthed, and we hope you enjoy the ones which are here. 




Andy Devine Photos Andy Devine Photos Andy Devine Photos Andy Devine Photos Andy Devine Photos