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Letter dated July 4, 1935 Ned Scott to Gladys von Ettinghausen
from the Hassayampa Mountain Club, Prescott, Arizona.

The Jay Six Cattle Company
Jack G. Spieden-President
Bonita, Arizona

August 8, 1935

Gladys Darling---

What a week it has been!---Peggy---Ellen and I arrived about eight days ago only to find ourselves faced with ---what seemed months---of cleaning and painting---etc.---It is so different now---tastes of bygone days have disappeared and in its stead everything is new and clean to look at. But nevertheless it has been most amusing to watch these two---Jack and Ellen---they are both frightened to death of being left alone together---Jack's “Philadelphia”---which he tries so hard to forget---crops out so often---he wants so terribly to be an 'Arizona Cow Man' but he just cannot make the grade. There have been difficult times too---times when Ellen wished she had not done this thing---as irrevocable as it is---times when they both realize what an impossible situation it is---God knows what the outcome will be---Peggy and I were returning to Prescott four days ago but we were prevailed upon to remain by Jack---seems Jack invited a fair maiden of 26 to come and pay him a visit---this was several months ago---she answered that she would just as soon as he had bought a ranch---he received a wire two days ago to the effect she would arrive today by plane from Boston---Jack is now in town to meet her---I'm expecting him any moment---Peggy and I just can't wait to see the developments---if there are any! Peggy predicts that Ellen will be back in Prescott next week!---hope not---Henwar is supposed to be coming out for a few days to visit Babs.---All of which sounds interesting enough from this end but quite boring from yours---sorry---I forgot you know none of the people but Ellen---(--) I plan to leave tomorrow---just as soon as the lady from Boston has been presented in the proper atmosphere! My God, even in this wild country two people can't live in sin---and strangely enough—there is no 'sin' going on! Oh nuts---the idiots----.

Darling---how are you?---and what are you doing?---judging from the inflow of mail from Landfair Ave it is difficult to discover much---!

In my last letter to you dearest---I meant to add that I had run across a certain lady by the name of Blodwynne Meyers---in the Grand Canyon Hotel---and she had with her a very meek looking man she called her husband---. As soon as she mentioned having lived in San Francisco and Seattle I immediately inquired if she knew you and it developed that she knew your whole family and John Considine---thanks God there aren't many Blodwynes in the world!---And incidentally---how the hell does one spell her name?---

Henwar wrote the other day that a certain Publicity Agency had called him up to inquire about me and if I would be interested in a steady job as cameraman---to do commercial with---and publicity. I wrote them that I was interested---of course---held out for $100.---a week---Foolish no doubt---to expect so much on a steady job but if they want me badly enough they can begin work jewing me down---Sure would give anything for a steady job in that town---

I have written Cornelia and sent her telegrams---about Tom---but so far I have had no reply. I'm wondering what's up---do you know anything---and have you seen her recently---?

And so---Good evening Golden Arrow---you are so very close these days---there is so much beauty everywhere when you are as near as you have been recently—my love—if you were only here now to see out this window---the mountains enveloped in purple and red and yellow---splashes of light--- moving---always moving---like you---



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